Get the Most of Seekncheck as a Freelance Translator

Picture Seekncheck as a search engine that users question with a document asking: “Who are the best translators/proofreaders for this text and how much will they charge me?”. Seekncheck’s artificial intelligence provides an instant answer to that by seeking and suggesting language experts with the perfect experience and expertise, to carry out the service.

How does this actually work?

When someone posts a service requests on the platform, the content and information of her document are automatically analyzed against the information of every Checker on the platform. The most relevant Checkers for the service are then identified and suggested to her. To do so, the engine behind Seekncheck processes in a few seconds all information about all available Checkers on the platform, from basic profile entry down to the details of all services completed in the past. Sounds good?

That being said, here are a few simple tips to get the most from Seekncheck, increase the power of your profile, and get it in front of customers looking for your specific skills!

Tip #1. A complete profile catches it all

Fill in your profile carefully. Every piece of information about your experience and expertise is valuable to your profile strength in suggestions to customers.

Tip #2. A validated profile helps us all

We need to guarantee your information when we suggest your profile to potential customers and customers value that guarantee. Validated profiles are always ranked higher than those that are only partially verified.

Unverified profiles are not suggested to users

Tip #3. Quality of service trumps it all

Service quality leads to positive comments and positive comments strengthen your profile over everything else in suggestions to customers.

Tip #4. Your rates still can play for you

We know from experience (and data) that customers don’t hire Checkers on the platform based on low rates first. We are ourselves strongly against the idea of asking qualified translators to cut pieces off their rates to win customers. However, keep in mind to stay competitive!

Tip #5. A profile picture does make a difference

A profile picture does trigger trust!
Fact: more than 87% of service requests posted on the platform have been entrusted to Checkers with a profile picture.

Seekncheck is a vetted-only marketplace that connects customers with specialized freelance translators and proofreaders we affectionately call our Checkers. Join us today and get your profile in front of all Seekers looking for your special competences.